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All Smiles Lip Balm is made of beeswax, honey, coca butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, propolis and essential oils. Sure enough, this product will make you smile! 

     Essential oils are natural products extracted from plants— flower, root, bark, fruit, or leaves. Have you ever notice a fragrant residue on you hands from peeling an orange? That’s essential oil. Plants produce these oils to protect them from pests, diseases and to attract pollinators. Most essential oils are extracted from plant parts using a low-heat steam distillation process or in the case of citrus oils are extracted by squeezing the oil from the plant. Essential oils in skin care products are easily absorbed by the skin and their effect can be felt immediately. They have restorative, calming properties. They are natural disinfectants.

All Smiles Lip Balm

  • All Smiles Lip Balm is sold in .25 oz. plastic jars. It's offered in several different essential oils/flavors.

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