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Hostler’s Hand Cream is a hearty blend of safflower and olive oils, beeswax, distilled water, aloe vera, honey, comfrey extract, chickweed extract, propolis tincture, cosmetic grade borax (a natural emulsifer) and the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and clove.

     Hostler’s Hand Cream is a favorite cream of people who work outdoors. Hostler is a name given to a person who takes care of horses at a inn, stable, etc.; groom or one who services a truck or a railroad engine at the end of a run. This lovely, wonderful smelling cream is gentle enough to use on the face. More about Hostler’s Hand Cream's ingredients are listed below:

     Beeswax soothes, softens and helps skin retain moisture while enabling skin to breathe.

     Since ancient times, the comfrey herb has been used for treating burns, bruises, abrasions, sprains and even broken bones! It stimulates cell growth while relieving pain and inflammation. Other names for comfrey are boneset and knitbone.

    Safflower and olive oils, are rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants. Since ancient times, olive oil has been used to clean, smooth, soften skin while it tones and firms.

     Aloe vera plant's juice is known for it healing and relieving power to treat burns.

     The chickweed plant gets its name from the fact that chickens and other birds love to eat it. Also some people eat it, because of its high nutritional value. Crushed chickweed applied to wounds reduces heat from inflammation, eases pain, promotes healing and relieves itching. Chickweed is reputed to be good for rheumatism, too.

     Propolis, a beehive product, has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Honeybees collect resinous sap from the buds of trees and mix it with wax to make propolis, a kind of bee glue. Honey bees use it to seal any cracks in their hive. Both chickweed extract and propolis tincture are made here at Wildwood Farm.

     Peppermint essential oil feels cool to the skin. It helps to relieve bruises, sore joints/muscles and nerve pain. Eucalyptus essential oil has been used to treat muscle spasms and to relieve joint pain. Clove essential oil acts as a temporary skin anesthetic.

     Honey naturally destroys bacteria and attracts moisture as it smooths and hydrates skin.

     Borax is created naturally from the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. It is used in cosmetics as a natural preservative, buffering agent and emulsifier.

Hostler's Hand Cream

  • Beesentials Skin Cream is sold in 2 oz/59 ml and 4 oz/118 ml plastic jars made to use for cosmetics. is sold in 2 oz/59 ml and 4 oz/118 ml plastic jars that are made for cosmetics. 

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