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Rosanna has worked for two major companies in marketing and communications, a Gannett newspaper and Reynolds & Reynolds of which she received numerous external organization and internal employee awards and accolades for her work with both companies.

     Originally from Western Pa., she decided to stay home with her now three girls once her husband began relocating with his company. They have lived in 5 different states and are now settled in Greensboro, NC. Through the moves, Rosanna volunteered for many different projects and decided to formulate her own freelance company in 2007 while living in Georgia where she also became involved with Carol on a volunteer project for the local school system. Rosanna and Carol soon realized they complimented each other well with strengths and partnered on several projects together. Rosanna was also recognized by the local Rotary Club for her work in the community while living in Georgia.

     After moving, Rosanna and Carol remained friends and colleagues. Rosanna and her girls visit Carol and Don frequently. Rosanna’s girls have fallen in love with everything about Wildwood Farm. When Carol mentioned developing products from her farm ingredients, it seemed like a very natural fit for them to develop the products together!  


Carol Williamson lives with her husband, Don, their two dogs, six cats, 30 chickens (for eggs only) and lots and lots of honey bees at Wildwood Farm in Winterville, Georgia. They have one daughter who lives in South Georgia and teaches first grade.

     Carol has been beekeeping for 12 years. In 2008, Carol helped start the Oglethorpe County Bee Club where she has held positions on its board of directors, having served twice as president. Carol is also a member of the Georgia Beekeepers Association, Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers Association and Lake Country Beekeepers. 

     In 2015, Carol and Don along with another couple in Oglethorpe County started a backyard gardening group called PlowShare. The group has grown to having over 175 members. Carol and Don try to grow and preserve much of their own food.

    Carol designs and manages Beessentials' website and makes skin cream for family and friends. 

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